2x4s For Hope Tiny Home Build

November 9th and 10th, 2×4’s For Hope and 100+ volunteers built another tiny home for a Veteran in Quincy Illinois at 1025 N. 5th Street.

This 576 square-foot tiny home was built in its entirety in two days.

Following the build, a ribbon cutting and presentation to the veteran took place. This tiny home is given to the veteran free, she is an United States Air Force single mom with military disabilities. She is one of hundreds of thousands at risk veterans who have been rejected by the system and forced to undergo unsurmountable odds which in many cases leads to homelessness, substance abuse, and in 22 a day, suicide.

This event is a continuation of the two tiny homes built in Quincy late last year, and one in Mt. Sterling last June.

2×4’s For Hope and our hundreds of volunteers, continue to provide life-changing opportunities for our veterans who are in desperate need of a fresh start. We provide these life-changing opportunities with the support of our community and businesses who stand behind our veterans in their time of need. Plans are underway to build another tiny home in Mt. Sterling Spring 2020 with additional plans to expand this tiny home movement in over a dozen communities in the tri-state area. Our organization has taken a stance to never let our Veterans stand alone in a time of need. This permanent ownership of housing, coupled with aligning the veterans with services provides sustainability, ensures their long and successful life. We desperately need your help as we continue this journey. Everything pertaining to the build is either donated or funded by donations, sponsorship, and grants. All are volunteers including the founders, board members, and participants in the build. 100% of your donations are hard at work to provide this great gift to our heroes.

2×4’s For Hope is a 501c3 local based nonprofit, Illinois corporation, governed by a board of directors. You can help by making a donation to: 2×4’s For Hope 5700 South 24TH Street Quincy, Illinois 62305