IMEC Lean Manufacturing Overview with Simulation Workshop

[share] Meeting today’s manufacturing challenges demands a lean enterprise – streamlining product design and manufacturing by applying Lean Manufacturing principles, concepts and techniques. The primary focus of this effort is the continuous elimination of waste in the company’s business processes. Implementing Lean practices involves changing a work area or a business process to maximize efficiency, improve quality and safety, eliminate unnecessary motion and inventory, and save time and resources.

What Can You Expect from The Lean Overview with Simulation?

This interactive workshop combines comprehensive classroom instruction with simulation of a production facility. The basic concepts of Lean Manufacturing and the tools and methodology necessary to implement “Lean” on the shop floor are demonstrated. Participants assume the role of production workers, applying Lean tools to their individual workspaces and the entire product line. This learn-do technique, over four “shifts”, illustrates cause and effect relationships for each of the Lean tools presented.

Participants review methodology and lessons learned from previous shifts, deciding what and how to implement while working with realistic constraints such as available resources, cash flow and resistance to change.

Take Experience Back to Your Facility

Following the Lean Manufacturing Overview and Simulation, participants will have learned several new techniques to aid you in the Lean transformation on-site. You’ll be able to:

  • Differentiate between a “push” and a “pull” system
  • Identify the eight (8) wastes that must be eliminated to make the manufacturing processes Lean
  • Explain how those wastes reduce company profits
  • Understand the functions of a Kanban system
  • Make more effective use of the employee’s time following waste elimination

MARCH 15, 2012  8:00AM – 4:00PM

John Wood Community College
Workforce Development Center
4220 Kochs Lane, Room W136
Quincy, IL 62305

Round 1 – Traditional Manufacturing  8:00AM
Round 2 – Standardized Work, Visual Controls Workplace Organization (5S)  10:00AM
Break – Lunch  12:00PM
Round 3 – Batch Size Reduction, Point of Use Storage, Quality at the Source  12:30PM
Round 4 – Pull Systems, Cellular/Flow Manufacturing, Takt Time, Work Balancing  2:00PM

FEES: $229 per person (includes lunch and all training materials)

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