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    What is Inspire Works?

    Inspire Works is a web based program designed to increase communication between students, job seekers, educators and employers. The goal of Inspire Works is to bring the groups together to help individuals achieve their career goals and address the workforce development needs of our community.

    • Scalable and efficient connections between career searchers, mentors, and employers improves functioning of the labor market
    • Employers influence labor supply and build their talent pipeline by increasing the visibility of what they offer and what they need
    • Career decision makers have access to vital community resources to help them develop career plans and put their plans into action
    • Leverages existing career development activities happening in the classroom
    • Levels the playing field by giving people of all backgrounds, in all areas of the county, equal access to mentors and relevant employers
    • Reporting tools to give regional administrators a clear view of the career aspirations of young people and the needs of employers
    • Ability to post everything from internships and job shadowing to mentoring and employment opportunities¬†