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    Possible Work-Based Learning Activities

    CAREER FAIRS (2-8 HOURS) – Career fair representatives visit schools and community events to directly interact with students about their career, company, and industry.  These Inspire Works volunteers staff a booth or meet with groups of students to provide information about careers within their company.  Interactive and hands-on displays are encouraged to provide a better experience for the student and volunteer.

    COMPANY TOUR (1-2 HOURS) – Company tours allow a student or class to view an organization’s facility to learn more about careers in a workplace setting. Inspire Works volunteers hosting a tour are encouraged to interact with the students about the company’s careers and their personal daily work routine.  The volunteer can also offer advice for students pursuing a career at their company.

    GUEST SPEAKER (30-60 MINUTES PER CLASS) – Guest speakers talk about their job, business, and industry in a classroom, auditorium, workshop, or community event.  Speakers are encouraged to bring visual aids and props to pass around.  Students will want to know the work and tasks involved in the career, and speakers should share information about the skills and experience necessary for their occupation.

    INTERNSHIPS (24+ HOURS) – Internships provide students with opportunities to experience hands-on learning and apply classroom knowledge in the workplace.  In addition to exploring a particular career pathway, industry, or occupation, students learn workplace readiness/soft skills and gain entry level job experience.  Students can also begin to build their portfolio and professional network.

    INTERVIEW (15-60 MINUTES PER INTERVIEW) – Mock interviews help students develop and practice job interviewing skills as the Inspire Works volunteer engages the students with relevant interview questions.  After the interview, students receive constructive feedback regarding their interviewing style and responses.

    JOB SHADOW (1-2 HOURS) – Students “shadow” one or more employees at a business site to learn the daily routines and activities of a particular job. Inspire Works volunteers who host job shadows go about their regular work while discussing it with the student.  The student observes and interviews the employee about their work and education.  Job shadows help students develop communication skills and make the connection between academic classroom work and their career goals.

    JUDGE (1-8 HOURS) – Many high school students participate in academic competitions.  Judges ensure competition rules are followed and provide direct feedback to the students on their performance.  Judges receive training in advance so they understand the competition rules and procedures.

    PART-TIME OR SUMMER JOB (24+ HOURS) – Employers offer opportunities to experience “hands-on” learning in the area of their career interests and apply classroom learning in a real-life environment.  The student may do occupation-related tasks and/or special projects.  These paid experiences occur over the summer or after school during the school year.

    SCHOLARSHIP – Offer a scholarship program tailored to the needs of your career, company, or industry.

    TEACHER EXTERNSHIP (8 – 24+ HOURS) – Teacher externships provide opportunities to help educators gain experiential learning time for presentation in their classroom.  Sustainable energy, meteorology, and finance are some examples of externship topics.

    STUDENT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY (1-4 HOURS) – Volunteer opportunities allow students to develop and demonstrate workplace readiness/soft skils, interact within an organization’s workplace setting, and build a professional network while serving their community.  Volunteer opportunities directly related to occupations within the organization are encouraged to provide a better experience for the student and the volunteer organization.