Great River Economic Development Foundation
    Quincy/Adams County, Illinois

    Posted November 9, 2012

    Our President has retired after 27 years.

    We know local economic development is an evolving field and that leadership in such a role is complex and dynamic. As an experienced professional economic development practitioner, you already know the general accountabilities and tasks: analysis, program development and marketing.

    In Quincy, you will have the opportunity to take on diverse and important roles:

    • To be the “voice” for economic development strategy,
    • To be the “interconnected relationship builder” for sustainable economic development, and
    • To be the “catalyst” to ignite activism for sustainable economic action with people who work collectively and persistently for what is needed.

    As our President, you will be the economic development/planning expert, marketer, master communicator, listener, relationship builder and facilitator of sustainable business growth in our region.

    As our President, you will interact in an interconnected economic/governmental/community context to empower, facilitate, collaborate, educate and advocate for the kind of change that will allow our region to continue to be a great place to live, work and grow businesses.

    As our President, your key competency should be resourcefulness: a composite of energy, passion, analytic skills and persistence.

    The Quincy/Adams, County area is a beautiful rural region with the geographic and economic assets to help you accomplish your mission. Our location along the Mississippi River and the quality of our people are just two of these assets. A very strong agricultural history and a long-standing industrial/manufacturing base along with retail, healthcare and education offer economic balance. The River is a major resource offering tremendous intermodal logistics advantages. And our people have a solid work ethic and a set of values hard to beat. Our attitude is solid. The sign entering Adams County, Illinois says “Life is good.” We want to build on that.

    Bottom line, we are looking to fill our President’s role with a resourceful “A” Player, an economic development professional with a clear pattern of achievement using collaborative relationships to facilitate strategy.

    Our conversation with you as a candidate will be interactive. We will want to hear and understand your theory for achieving sustainable local economic development. We will be open to all your questions regarding the “challenges.” We are looking for a best-fit match in chemistry, attitude and leadership style because we want our new President to succeed. Our process for finding the right person will be thorough. And before we make an offer, we are going to give you a list of your prior supervisors, peers and subordinates with whom we may want to talk. We will ask that you personally arrange reference calls with the persons we identify.

    Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

    This position involves managing a complex economic development organization and requires considerable managerial skill. The President must be an experienced expert in economic development process areas, including analysis, economics and marketing, and have deep knowledge of the economic development field as well.

    Minimum qualifications are:

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Recent senior level managerial experience in economic development of at least five years
    • Ability to be available as required and to travel frequently on GREDF business
    Compensation and Benefits

    Starting salary range will be very “livable” but ultimately depends on your qualifications, pattern of achievement and experience. We will offer an excellent comprehensive benefits package, and a good place to work, live and raise a family.

    Application Process

    The hiring process starts with your submission of our application. If you are qualified and interested, click on this link to fill out our secure online application in a new window or complete the secure online application below. Please note, the application is 7 pages long and includes the option to save and resume later. One of our selection committee members or staff will be in touch with you ASAP to answer questions and discuss the next steps.

    Application deadline is December 14, 2012.

    Great River Economic Development Foundation Application For Employment