Learning The Art Of Sales

The Adams County Works Transition Planning Team hosted their free lunch & learn seminar on Wednesday, August 16 from 12p-1p. The workshop was held in the John Wood Community College private dining room, adjacent to the cafeteria, at 1301 S. 48th St. in Quincy, IL.

This quarter, the featured topic was The Art Of Sales, with guest speaker R.J. (Bob) Ley, VP of sales and marketing for Western Catholic Union. As a seasoned veteran of the insurance industry, Ley spent his entire career in sales in marketing, working with some of the largest companies in the world including, AID American General, Mutual of Omaha, and Southern Financial Group to name a few.

“Sales truly is an ART form,” states Ley. He then asks, “Are you a master, or do you finger-paint?” During the seminar, Ley hopes to provide guests with the tools to paint their masterpiece.

Craig Moncey, co-leader of the Transition Planning Team relays, “There is one thing you are ALWAYS selling, no matter what you say or do, regardless of which business you are in, wherever you are, whatever you are doing – and that one thing is YOU.” Craig continues, “People do business with people they know, like and trust. The upcoming workshop will allow me the opportunity better communicate how I am the ‘product or service’ that can help people.”

The mission of the Adams County Works – Transition Planning Team is: Nurturing current employees to help advance their level of workplace essential skills to sustain and grow the organization’s competitive advantage.

The Team provides quarterly seminars focused on topics most requested by surveyed groups.  Topics include: Networking and Personal Branding; Time Management; Managing Teams; and Sales. Stay tuned for upcoming seminars.