• Life is Good in Quincy & Adams County

    Quality Of Life

    So we think Quincy is one of the best places to live in America. Okay, we may be a little biased, but we have good reason.

    • Our region has a low cost of living, great schools, low crime, good healthcare and an abundance of parks and recreational opportunities.
    • We enjoy low unemployment, a vibrant downtown and the availability of affordable housing.
    • We have a love for the arts, some of the best architecture in the Midwest and many more factors that make our community a great place to raise a family.

    Speaking of raising families… In October 2010 Forbes ranked Quincy number 8 on its list of the Best Small Cities to Raise a Family. We are honored to have received the recognition (but not that surprised).

    Quality of life is a phrase often used in economic development. It’s an important factor in your expansion and site selection decisions. After all, a business is only as good as its employees and a high quality of life leads to happy and productive employees. But it’s hard to measure quality of life in data. Numbers don’t tell you about community spirit. That’s why we urge you to visit us in person and experience for yourself the place we call home.

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    Cost of Living

    The Quincy and Adams County area has a low cost of living thanks to our rural Midwestern location but at the same time highway, river, rail and air accessibility.


    Quincy is home to some of the best examples of architecture in the Midwest. The greater tri-state area offers affordable housing and land.


    In addition to our strong public and private K-12 educational institutions, the Quincy area is home to a private, 4-year university, a community college and two technical schools.

    Culture & Recreation

    Quincy is home to America’s first Arts Council and a public park system that boasts more than 1,000 acres of land for our residents and visitors to enjoy.


    Quincy is the healthcare center of the Tri-state region thanks to Blessing Hospital and Quincy Medical Group (which both happen to be located in our vibrant downtown).