Technology In Action & New Speakers Added to the Summit

Adams County, IL – Guests at the Tri-State Development Summit will have an opportunity to see autopilot technology in action, to coincide with the morning session of Technology in Transportation. Demonstration rides, showcasing the autopilot feature in a 2015 Tesla, will be made available, with a reservation, immediately following the Summit on Friday, November 18 at Iowa Wesleyan University.


“In addition to an exciting transportation update come to the Summit and get a peek at the future of highway travel in our region,” states Chuck Scholz, member of the Tri-State Summit steering committee. “Driverless vehicles are not only coming, they are here, and you can experience it!”


New speakers have also been added, including Michael Gould, manager of business development for the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Gould will provide an Iowa state update. Joining him with an Illinois economic development update will be Jim Schultz, co-founder and CEO of Intersect Illinois, the newly formed organization dedicated exclusively to increasing Illinois’ competitiveness for job creation and investment.


Also new is Stuart Anderson the director of planning, programming and modal division for Iowa Department of Transportation. Anderson will present with his Illinois and Missouri counterparts, directors Randall S. Blankenhorn and Patrick McKenna respectively, to share what is driving the future of transportation in each state.


“As usual, this summit brings together high-level speakers from a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise,” said Jason Hutcheson, a member of the Summit steering committee. “It is a great opportunity to collectively raise the bar when it comes to an economic development strategy for Southeast Iowa, West Central Illinois, and Northeast Missouri.”


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