Tri-State Development Summit Announces 2011 Date

2011 Tri-State Development Summit Date Announced - October 5, 2011[share]The 2011 Tri-State Development Summit will be held October 5th at the Quincy Community Theater in the Oakley Lindsay Center in Quincy. 2011 marks the 15th year of bringing together tri-state leaders to define common issues, to develop on-going dialogues to address those issues and to improve the quality of life of the entire region.

2010 Summit activities saw a continuation of the theme of entrepreneurship from the 2009 Summit in Fairfield, Iowa. The entrepreneurship task force held a series of workshops for entrepreneurs in all three states. Highway and river infrastructure improvements continue to remain at the top of the Summit priority list and much progress has been made including the completion of the Chicago to Kansas City Expressway.

Significant validation for the role of the Summit came in the form of census data revealing the potential loss of one seat each in the U.S. House of Representatives for Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. Now more than ever the Summit’s 35 counties must stand together to keep our political leaders aware of the issues our communities and region face.

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