Tri-State Summit Entrepreneurship Task Force Event

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2011 Tri-State Development LogoThe Entrepreneurship Task Force of the Tri-State Development Summit will be holding a luncheon for small businesses and entrepreneurs on Wednesday, May 25th at Tiramisu Restaurant in Quincy. The event will be held from 11:30am – 1:00pm and will cost $15 per person which includes lunch.

The event will be the first in a quarterly series to rotate among Illinois, Iowa and Missouri. The objectives of the events are to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with local economic information, business-related tips and advice and networking opportunities with other business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Speakers will vary from session to session depending on current events and current business topics.  The events will offer opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners to network with each other with the hope that they can collaborate, share business ideas and help each other with shared opportunities, concerns and issues.

For the first session, speakers will include Jim Mentesti, President of Great River Economic Development Foundation and Eric Thomas, President of ETC ComputerLand. Mr. Mentesti will speak to the group about the current economic environment of our region. He will also share updates on current significant projects impacting businesses in the tri-state region. Mr. Thomas will give a Social Media for Business presentation. The presentation will give businesses the basics of what social media is and how they should or could be using it to increase their visibility.

Registration will be $15 per person which also includes lunch.  Pre-registration is required by May 20th. The attached Registration Form should be sent to Megan Backs at GREDF at 

2011 signifies the 15th year for the Tri-State Development Summit. In the 15 years since the inception; the Summit Region has adopted numerous Task Forces and achieved many successes in each of those task force areas. The Summit Region now comprises 35 counties in NE Missouri, SE Iowa and Western Illinois.

Steering committee members have also announced that the 9th Tri-State Development Summit will take place October 5, 2011 in Quincy, Ill. The mission of the Tri-State Summit is to bring together leaders in Southeast Iowa, Northeast Missouri and Western Illinois to define common issues; to develop an on-going dialogue to effectively address those issues; and to improve the quality of life of the entire tri-state region through economic development activities.

Small Biz Leadership Luncheon Registration Form