Workforce Development in the Tri-States

Workforce Development in Adams County and Quincy, Illinois[share]John Wood Community College continues to be a valued partner in workforce development issues. At a little over a year old, the college’s state-of-the-art workforce development center has become the premier training facility in west central Illinois.

At a time when many communities are just beginning to look at workforce development in response to the national economic climate, the Quincy area is turning out workers that fit local business and industry’s specific needs.

Among the college’s seventeen career training and workforce education programs are truck driver training, electrical technology, construction technology, fire science, nursing, health education, restaurant management and sustainable local foods. JWCC recently launched customized training in aluminum welding in addition to its current welding program in response to area workforce demand.

A number of local companies including Manchester Tank and ADM continue to work with John Wood to develop programs specific to their workforce needs.

All of these initiatives contribute to John Wood Community College’s role as an essential partner in not only workforce development, but also in the retention of our region’s robust manufacturing base.

We know availability of skilled labor ranks near the top of site selection and expansion decisions. That’s why we continue to place a high value on workforce development within our tri-state region.

Read our 2010 press release about the Workforce Development Center Here.

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Upcoming Workforce Development Event:

GREDF is partnering with John Wood Community College and Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to sponsor a Construction Workshop on February 22nd. It is a day-long event to be held at John Wood’s Workforce Development Center. For more information, contact GREDF at 217-223-4313, or Phil Conover at 217-641-4956,