A Letter to Site Selectors

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We were recently asked to write a letter on behalf of a local business owner looking to attract more businesses to our area. She wanted us to answer the question, “Why should a business locate in the Quincy area?”. Writing letters like these and creating custom informational packets about the opportunities and benefits available in the Quincy area are a fun part of our job. It’s our chance to brag. 

Have you ever been asked this question? What is your answer? Here’s ours: 

To Whom It May Concern:

Quincy… Life is Good! This isn’t just our slogan, it’s a reality.

The largest city within 100 miles, Quincy, Illinois is the regional hub for commerce, education, healthcare, recreation and more. Quincy easily draws more than 600,000 people in a 75-mile radius who prefer to shop, dine, work and play in a community that is friendly, vibrant and easy to navigate.

The City of Quincy and the surrounding tri-state region have a low cost of living, great schools, low crime and excellent healthcare. We also have short commute times and affordable housing, just two of the factors that led to Forbes magazine ranking Quincy number 8 on its list of Best Small Cities to Raise a Family (October 2010).

We know life is good and we have the numbers to prove it.

  • At 6.9%, Adams County ranked 3rd out of 102 counties for the lowest unemployment (March 2011).
  • Retail sales figures were up in 2010 and included a record-setting December when the City’s home rule sales tax was $1,027,336.
  • Quincy home sale prices, which have remained strong throughout the recent economic downturn, rose 20% in the first 3 months of 2011.
  • An on-going $100 million plus construction boom includes an apartment complex, university dormitory, Salvation Army Kroc Community Center, financial institutions and various retail establishments.

Thanks to transportation developments over the past decade, Quincy is at the center of 4-lane highways in all directions. The Avenue of the Saints passes just five miles to our west and is 4-lane from Canada to the Gulf and the newly designated Chicago – Kansas City Expressway (Route 110/CKC) offers a less-congested alternate route to these popular Midwest destinations.

Quincy is poised for continued growth. Our team of experienced economic development professionals stands ready to assist you in your site selection decisions. We invite you to visit our website, www.gredf.org for more information, or better yet, come visit us in person and experience for yourself how good life is in Quincy.


Jim Mentesti
Great River Economic Development Foundation