Your guide to works in progress

GREDF Strategic Plan

The GREDF strategic plan should guide the Board of Directors, staff, committees and stakeholders for a period of three years with a goal of increasing the impact of GREDF on the region by 2020. It serves as a blueprint for Board policy decisions, guiding the organization’s investment in economic development initiatives, programs and projects. The plan also provides direction by anticipating and responding to changes in the local and national economy.

Download | GREDF Strategic Plan

Right On Q Branding Study

The Quincy & Adams County brand was developed with North Star Destination Strategies, offering our community research, strategy, creativity and action. Determining Quincy’s most relevant and distinct promise, North Star created a strategic platform to generate a brand position in the minds of residents, businesses and visitors while developing a creative identity, deliverables and action plan to bring the brand to life.

Download | Right On Q Branding Study

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Neighborhood Land Use Plan

The City of Quincy land use plan is a community vision of the future, addressing policies and actions recommended to achieve that vision, while producing a better understanding of Quincy and a readiness to deal with future challenges and take advantage of opportunities. The community profile also includes projections based on recent trends and provides an idea of what Quincy can expect if trends continue.

Download | City of Quincy Neighborhood Use Plan

Greenway & Trails Plan

Part of an ongoing effort to preserve green space and promote biking and walking trails within the City of Quincy by creating a city-wide network. The Adams County Greenway & Bikeways Plan was adopted by the Adams County Board in 2006. The Cedar Creek Corridor was included in this plan. According to the Plan, the Bill Klingner Trail is to be constructed from Bonansinga Drive to 36th & Kochs Lane.

Download | Quincy Greenway & Trails Plan

Friends of the Trails | Friends of the Trails’ mission is to collaborate, promote, and educate the community on the multi-use trail system and greenways while providing organizational and fundraising capacities to supplement and lessen the burden of the City of Quincy, Quincy Park District, and Adams County.

The District Wayfinding Study

The District and the City of Quincy partnered to develop a comprehensive Wayfinding system for the District to help businesses and keep people in the downtown longer. Wayfinding encompasses all of the ways in which people orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place, creating a branded sense of place.

Download | The District Wayfinding Study

The District is now an Accredited Main Street Program with Main Street America™ based on the 10 Standards of Performance.

Mid-America Intermodal Port

The Mid-America Port Commission was established by a three-state compact in 1999 and encompasses 26 counties in Illinois (11), Missouri (9), and Iowa (6). It is the only three-state port compact in the United States. The purpose of the Port is to be a catalyst for regional economic growth by:

  • Assisting tri-state businesses to compete globally
  • Creating both short-term construction jobs and long-term head of household jobs
  • Attracting new businesses and industries to the region by making it an attractive location for logistics

Mid-America Intermodal Port Study | A study is currently being done to address additional engineering and feasibility.

Website | Mid-America Intermodal Port

Memorial Bridge Replacement Study

Riverfront Master Plan

The Riverfront Master Plan conveys a comprehensive approach for the redevelopment of prime real estate within four blocks of the Mississippi River. Reimagined as a dynamic community gathering place and welcoming gateway, the proposed riverfront incorporates new attractions and refreshes existing infrastructure to infuse life into one of the Quincy and Adams County’s most valuable assets.

Download | Riverfront Master Plan

2023 Comprehensive Housing Study

The Great River Economic Development Foundation in partnership with Adams County and the City of Quincy completed a housing study. This study evaluated the need for housing in Adams County, Illinois with a focus on Quincy, Illinois. Demand for housing in the same area and gaps between supply and demand. The study evaluates the effectiveness of past programs, while engaging stakeholders on what specific steps the entities could do to encourage additional investments in housing. For those gaps identified, strategies are offered, enabling the client to help close those gaps. The objectives of this study is to gain a better understanding of how the community’s area housing market works through data and surveys completed by employers, stakeholders, community members, and people who have relocated to the area recently.

Download | Adams County Housing Study