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Welcome to the Quincy region!

For those considering a move, or moving to the area, our concierge program is for individuals and families to help you get to know and choose Quincy & Adams County. Then, we are here to simplify your move by connecting you with people, community and resources, for a smooth transition, so you can get to know us and jump right in.

We are here to answer any questions you have, but aren’t sure where to go, or who to ask.

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We are excited to connect and welcome people to our community. We know you have choices when it comes to where you work and live, we hope you choose Quincy & Adams County, IL and we want to show you why. ♥️

Let us help you get to know our home, our culture and the people who make this community special.

The Concierge Program is intended for newcomers, boomerang residents and those looking to get to know people and plug into the Quincy & Adams County Community as a talent attraction and preservation program. We want to build a welcoming, inclusive and diverse community, which in turn fosters economic vitality for our region.

Our services work to provide a direct connection to residents, important resources and information for recruiting, moving and transitioning.

Meet Your New Neighbor | The Derian Family

We want all residents to feel welcomed and connected to the community and have resources needed to thrive.

Fill out an application to be paired with a Community Guide.

We open doors and provide information on:

Career Opportunities

Community Tours | Schedule yours today

Quincy Right On Q | Getting to know your community – TBA Course

Housing Resources

Utility Information






Social & Civic

Services & Businesses

Schedule a tour, or get more information. Contact Joi Cuartero Austin, (217) 223-4313 | Email

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We have an amazing team of diverse people to help newcomers, boomerang residents and those looking to plug into the Quincy & Adams County get to know others and our community.

Contact us to learn more about being a part of the team.