A Look Back at 2010: Energy, Infrastructure & Technology

The fifth in our series of articles highlighting the remarks of GREDF Board Chairperson, Connie Schroeder at our 2011 Annual Meeting.

[share] A look back at ENERGY, INFRASTRUCTURE and TECHNOLOGY in the tri-states in 2010…


Renewable energy projects are moving forward in the region. Adams Electric Cooperative held an open house this summer to celebrate the commercial operation of its Pigeon Creek Wind Turbine in southeast Adams County. Adams Co-op is also moving forward with the development of a second turbine in Brown County that is expected to be completed this year.

GREDF development partner Prairie Power recently received permits to begin testing a process where it adds biomass fuel, wood and/or grass to its coal-fueled power plant in Pearl. The results could lead to the use of renewable fuel sources to supplement the fuel presently used at Pearl. I’d like to welcome Jay Bartlett, president and CEO of Prairie Power to our meeting this evening. Thank you for joining us.

The City of Quincy Hydro-Generation project continues to move forward. Extension of the 1603 tax provisions and interest from equity investors should hasten the pace of development this year.

The Prairie Mills Wind Farm development in northeast Adams County encountered some hurdles this past year, but construction on the $300 million dollar clean energy project could begin later this year or in early 2012. GREDF and our energy consultant Pete Pohlman have been involved with the project and numerous other energy-related projects including hydropower for a number of years and will continue to provide assistance as needed.


The City of Quincy pursued new fiber optic technology in 2010 allowing United Kingdom-based i3 America to install cable in the municipal sewer lines in southeast Quincy. If the test installation proves successful, the hyper-fast internet the cable allows could make Quincy attractive to a broad range of business prospects. City Planner Chuck Bevelheimer said that the City is currently working with the company to address maintenance issues before they look at moving forward. 

 Adams Telephone Co-Operative is investing in a $35 million dollar project to construct its own new high tech fiber optic network to provide the fastest internet speeds possible. The multi-phase, multi-year project began in August with an initial $5.5 million dollar investment targeting Golden, Mendon, Ursa and Lima. GREDF board member and Adams Telephone CEO, Jim Broemmer calls the project a huge infrastructure investment in rural Adams County that will set up these communities for new technologies and services for the next 50 years or more.

AT&T and IPhone users throughout the area rejoiced when the 3G icon appeared on their screens. Advanced telecommunication features such as 3G open up our area for even more business development opportunities.