Adams County Wind Project Moves Forward


GREDF Annual Meeting: January 12, 2011

[share] The Prairie Mills wind project has been an exciting joint venture for ACCIONA and Global Winds Harvest. From the beginning, we saw this project as one of high value set to provide Adams County with renewable energy for years to come. This view has not faltered. Aside from energy production, the Prairie Mills Wind Project will increase property tax revenue, promote long-term income to family owned farms, propel job creation and reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign fossil fuels.

ACCIONA’s resources are currently focused on expanding in other regional markets. For this reason, Global Winds Harvest will take ownership of the project and continue to increase the project’s value while taking it to completion. Both companies have been actively working together to develop this project and are excited to have Global Winds Harvest carry the project forward.  

We would like to thank the Adams County community, the county and township officials, and the landowners for their support of the project. We hope that this support will continue as Global Winds Harvest brings this project to fruition and provides the Adams County community with promising environmental and economic benefits.

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