Building a Better Workforce

Summit Brings Leaders Together to Develop a Vision for Long-Term Change

[share]Last week more than 40 leaders came together to discuss workforce development issues in Adams County and to develop a shared vision for long-term change. The event facilitator assisted the group with identifying and prioritizing the area’s workforce challenges and building a framework for future collaboration.

Participants included representatives from secondary and post-secondary education, regional and local development groups, staffing services and a number of community-based agencies that all have some involvement in workforce development.

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The United Way of Adams County, the Workforce Investment Board of Western Illinois, John Wood Community College and GREDF hosted the event because we recognize the importance of maintaining a skilled and reliable workforce in our area.

“The availability of skilled labor has become a key factor in site selection and expansion decisions,” noted GREDF President Marcel Wagner. “Our ability to retain and attract businesses directly impacts the well-being of our region and the ability of our families to be financially self-sufficient.”

You may recall our last eDevelopments included findings from a recent survey conducted by Area Development Magazine detailing top site selection factors. Labor costs and availability of skilled labor ranked number one and number three respectively.

A steering committee is being assembled to build strategies and address the challenges and goals identified by the group. If you or your organization is interested in being a part of this steering committee, please contact Megan Backs at 217.223.4313 or