Franklin Square Apartments – Downtown Quincy

  • Thought we’d share the view from our office today. Construction workers are busy pouring concrete sidewalks outside the new Franklin Square Apartment Complex.

    Company officials have told us the completion date is about a month away. For more information, call 319-415-7610.

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  • Marissa Stratton 04.05.2011

    We are interested in renting but we have 2 cats that will be going with us. if you could give me a call or e-mail back and let me know if we are allowed to have our cats.

  • Marissa,
    We forwarded your inquiry to our contact at Franklin Square Apartments.

  • Hope,
    We have forwarded your information to our contact at Franklin Square Apartments.

  • i am very interested, me, my mother, and my sister have to immediately leave our home and are looking for a 2 bedroom place affordable for two waitresses to be able to pay. please get ahold of me as soon as possible. thanks. -hope.

  • I Am looking for an apartment for rent, I will be going back to school so I need something I can afford, please let me know if there is anything.

  • I’m looking for an apartment. How much is rent? Also, do you have one bedroom apartments? Tried calling the office but didn’t get a call back. Please e-mail me about some information. Thanks!!

  • I would love to live here but wasn’t sure if you allowed pets..I have one cat. Please let me know via email. Thank you for your time 🙂

  • Naomi, Nicole and Tiffany,
    The direct contact for Franklin Square Apartments is Dan Tanna, Property Manager
    (217) 277-6500. Dan will be able to help you with all your questions.


  • In am interested in an affordable 1-bedroom apartment. Do you allow dogs?

  • I would like to know how much rent is.

  • I am looking for a 2 bedroom

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