IAQ Annual Meeting Materials

[share] Dr. Bob Graboyes, Senior Fellow for Health and Economics, NFIB Research Foundation, gave a speech entitled “Healthcare Reform: How High’s the Water, Mama?” at the 2011 Industrial Association of Quincy Annual Meeting on August 15th.

PDFs of his presentation, supplemental materials and 2 recent articles are below. For more information and writings from Dr. Graboyes visit www.NFIB.com/DrBob and www.robertgraboyes.com.

2011 IAQ Annual Meeting Dr. Robert Graboyes Presentation – Healthcare Reform: How High’s the Water, Mama?

Employer Mandate Penalties: Calculations

PPACA: Endless Problems for Small Business

NFIB Healthcare Bulletin – Essential Health Benefits: The Secretary’s Joystick (5/3/11)

NFIB Healthcare Bulletin – The HIT Hit: PPACA’s Health Insurance Tax (6/14/11)