Quincy/Adams County Unveils New Brand… Right on Q

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The new Quincy/Adams County community brand – Right on Q – was unveiled during a public announcement following the Great River Economic Development Foundation Annual Meeting on January 13, 2016, at the Oakley-Lindsay Center in Quincy.

The brand tag line is Right on Q and the logo mark is a distinct Q shape that represents various aspects of the Quincy and Adams County region. The announcement featured a narrative video and presentation that included ways the new brand will be implemented. The brand was developed by North Star Destination Strategies.

Adams County, IL Logo Horizontal-02“Every community has a brand reputation or identity… what people say about them when they’re not around,” said Abby Biswell, a Quincy Senior High School junior and one of the presenters of the evening. “More than a year ago, nine community organizations decided to work together to propel the image of our community forward. These organizations formed the Brand Quincy/Adams County Partnership with the purpose of developing a cohesive, distinct and memorable brand,” Biswell added.

Members of the Brand Quincy/Adams County Partnership include:

2180_GREDF_WebAd_FamilyCity of Quincy
Adams County
Arts Quincy
The District
Great River Economic Development Foundation
Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce
Quincy Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
Quincy Park District
Oakley-Lindsay Center 

The brand narrative captures the essence of the community. “Quincy and Adams County is the kind of place where going the extra mile in everything is an everyday thing. When people need a hand, or visitors need a welcome, Quincyans seem to be there, Right on Q.”

right on q_insta_20162The logo represents different aspects of Quincy and Adams County depending on the viewer. Some people may see a cross section of corn representing the region’s agricultural history, the gears of a Hollister-Whitney elevator, a Knapheide wagon wheel or a Titan wheel. Or perhaps the viewer sees the spokes of the Golden Windmill or a paddleboat wheel in the Mississippi River. Others may see the keystone detail found in some of the beautiful architecture in our historic districts. And of course, the Q, which is a distinct and unique letter in and of itself is prominent.

The website, www.QuincyRightonQ.com features the narrative video, links to social media and the ability to download the design files and graphics standards guide. The site also offers the opportunity for individuals and organizations to electronically sign the Brand Charter to show support for the new brand.

Visit www.QuincyRightOnQ.com for more details.

The members of the Brand Quincy/Adams County Partnership have already begun implementing the new brand into their marketing and public relations efforts and businesses and organizations are invited to do the same. A volunteer Brand Implementation Team (BIT) has been formed to lead the ongoing implementation of a strategic action and communications plan and ensure the brand gains traction and maintains momentum.

Former Mayor Chuck Scholz gave the evening’s final remarks, reiterating what the brand can do for our community. “What I like so much about this brand is that it not only testifies to all that is good… all that is great about our community. This brand challenges us to be better. Because we now we can be better. It’s our heritage after all,” Scholz said.

Scholz ended the night by repeating the finals lines of the brand narrative:

“We know Quincy and Adams County best by heart. A heart for caring and the common good. A heart that leads people to give, for as long as it takes. A heart that goes the extra mile to welcome you, support you, and encourage you.

That’s not just our promise. It’s our heritage. Quincy, in Adams County, Illinois… Right on Q.”