Time Management | How efficient are you with your time?

All were welcome to the Time Management Workshop held Wednesday, May 23 at 11:45am in the Patio Restaurant, 133 S. 4thSt., Quincy, IL. The Adams County Works Transition Planning Team provides the quarterly workshops.

The audience learned to work smarter – not harder – with tips from guest speaker Amy Looten, Senior VP Marketing & Business Development at HOMEBANK. Guests brought their smart phone with WiFi connectivity or data plan and participated in an online self-evaluation. Then, they learned tips on reducing procrastination and improving prioritization to improve your online score.

Amy Looten started her banking career in July 2017. She and her co-worker juggle advertising campaigns, special events, sponsorship opportunities, social media and other ongoing marketing-related projects for HOMEBANK branches in six communities in Northeast Missouri and West Central Illinois.

Additionally, Looten seeks new business relationships for the bank, primarily in Quincy. Before joining HOMEBANK, she managed multiple projects as executive director of the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce for 16 years.