Transition Planning Team Teaches “Managing Perceptions”

On Wednesday, June 7 the Adams County Works Transition Planning Team hosted a free lunch & learn seminar on Networking & Personal Branding from 12p-1p, at Riverside Smoke House & Grill, 222 S. 3rd St. in Quincy, IL.

During the luncheon, guest speaker Zach Hesterberg, founder of SoZesty Social Media Marketing, presented on what a personal brand is and how to develop a personal brand using social media.

“Perception!  Perception!  Perception! Do people realize the way we are perceived can make or break a career?” States Angela Caldwell, workforce development director at Great River Economic Development Foundation. “Networking and Personal Branding is really all about perception and managing the immediate opinion people form until they can get to know who a person really is.”

Tara Hanson, co-leader of the Transition Planning Team attended the luncheon and feels strongly about continuous improvement. “No matter your age or where you are in your career path, there is always room to grow.” Tara continues, “The upcoming Networking and Personal Branding seminar will allow me the opportunity to hear non-traditional ways to promote myself! Who isn’t looking to better themselves personally or professionally.”

SoZesty is a full service social media marketing agency, creating content strategies and consulting with various clients on social media platforms.

The mission of the Adams County Works – Transition Planning Team is: Nurturing current employees to help advance their level of workplace essential skills to sustain and grow the organization’s competitive advantage.

The Team provides quarterly seminars focused on topics most requested by surveyed groups.  Topics include: Networking and Personal Branding; Time Management; Managing Teams; and Sales. Stay tuned for upcoming seminars.