[share] Last week GREDF celebrated our partners in economic development at our 2013 Annual Meeting.

We saluted and thanked the people, organizations and businesses that are involved in projects and efforts that drive economic development in our region. We thought it was appropriate to highlight many of the partnerships Jim Mentesti spent his career building on the night we celebrated his retirement.

Below is a link to a pdf of GREDF Board Chairman, Tim Finlay’s, speech, as well as a link to the visual presentation. Just click the arrow at the bottom of the screen every time you see an *asterisk* in the pdf to follow along.

Tim talked a lot about partners in his remarks, but there are so many more. Too many for him to mention by name. Please know that it has been our pleasure to work with all of our partners over the years. It is their hard work and dedication that makes the Quincy and Adams County area a great place to live, work and raise a family.

As Tim said in closing, “We all know that 2013 is likely to be a challenging year. We also know that based on our track record, our resources and our people, we will rise to the occasion, view challenges as opportunities and grow… together.”

Annual Meeting Speech

Annual Meeting Presentation

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