Adams County, IL – On Thursday, April 27 at 11:45am, the Work Readiness Team will launch the Work Readiness Certification process with an introduction. The event will take place in the Holiday Inn Banquet Room at 4821 Oak Street in Quincy, IL. Great River Economic Development Foundation (GREDF) and the Workforce Investment Board of Western Illinois (WIB) are co-sponsors of the event.

The Work Readiness Team is offering the introduction to continue educating Family Service frontline staff, and other human resource management, on the challenges some people face when seeking employment to provide a head of household income.

“The training helps service organizations and businesses become more cognizant of the diversity in our community and the inclusion of everyone for job placement and advancement,” states Angela Caldwell, director of workforce development at GREDF. “We should be more aware of the challenges people in our community face when job searching.”

The launch will begin with a luncheon speaker, Dorothy Nelson, helping attendees see the world from the view of poverty. “Assisting job seekers begins with meeting people where they are and helping them on a path to where they want to be,“ said Blanche Shoup, director of WIB. “We are working on both sides, with job seekers, as well as area employers and agencies to meet work ready needs.”

The Work Ready Certification Process helps un and underemployed prepare for job placement and advancement. The Work Ready Certificate was designed to address the concerns from area employers regarding the lack of soft skills with today’s applicants.

Current training on the Work Ready Certification process is offered through: John Wood Community College, Madonna House and the Quincy Workforce Service Center at the Illinois Department of Employment Securities. Agencies will be able to refer job seekers to those locations.

Agenda Includes:

  • Updates from Work Readiness Team
  • Guest Speaker Dorothy “Dot” Nelson: “Understanding Poverty”
  • University of Illinois Extension Office: Poverty Simulation
  • Introduction to the Work Readiness Certification Process

For more information, contact Joi Cuartero Austin at GREDF (217) 223-4313.

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