Dear Friends,


Thank you for your continued support for each other during these past months. As your community partner organizations, our local business and residents remain at the heart of everything we do. At this time, COVID-19 continues to impact on our region and communities around the nation.


One way we are working together to slow the spread and help our residents and neighbors stay healthy is through the Rapid Detection Plan, which offers mass rapid testing and contact tracing, along with education on isolation and quarantine.


The Rapid Detection Plan includes mass drive thru testing, mobile walk up and drive thru sites, employer sponsored testing and an outbreak / crisis response team.


The purpose of the Rapid Detection Plan is to:

  • Provide mass rapid testing for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals,
  • Deliver results within hours of testing so everyone can make quick, informed decisions,
  • Educate positive cases on isolation and techniques,
  • Through contact tracing, educate close contacts on quarantine and techniques,


Our overall goal is to provide the information and resources necessary to those with positive results, as well as their close contacts, to be able to isolate or quarantine and slow the spread.


Being able to reach our goal for mass testing, while continuing to keep our community health in mind, will help our friends and family remain healthy, help keep our students in person at school and help our businesses, places of worship and region open.


To stay locally updated and for the most reliable information, please refer to the Adams County Health Department and Adams County Together websites.


As your partners, we are dedicated to working on ways to continue offering support and resources. Thank you again for doing your part to encourage and support each other.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our organizations.




Marcel Wagner                                        Latonya Brock                                         Bruce Guthrie

President                                                Executive Director                                    Executive Director

Great River Economic                                Quincy Area                                           The District