Economic Development Organizations to Host Webinar for New Business Law

WGEM – February 16, 2023

QUINCY – Illinois workers are going to receive some relief come the first of next year. On Jan. 1 of 2024, all employees will have a minimum guarantee of 40 hours of paid leave per year. This will include both full time and part time employees.

In an effort to inform and educate local businesses on the rules and guidelines of the law, The Great River Economic Development Foundation is teaming up with Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce and The District to host a webinar on March 1.

GREDF President Kyle Moore said the online zoom meeting will be employer focused.

“This is for the employers to make sure they know what they can and can’t do,” Moore said. “To make sure they know the systems they need to have in place and to make sure that they know what might happen if they choose not to participate in this because this is a law and there could be fines involved.”

Moore said the webinar will focus on preparing local businesses for the changes ahead. He said the presentation will discuss expectations and requirements for employers.

“To put the record keeping systems in place and the policies in place. We just want to give our employers enough time and enough heads up and that’s really our jobs to as economic development organizations in the areas to make sure that the business community knows about upcoming changes to the law that’s going to effect them,” Moore said.

Moore said a lawyer will be present in the zoom to help answer any questions. The Zoom meeting is a no cost webinar, but registration is required.

The webinar will begin at 3 p.m. and last approximately one hour.

The session is no cost to attend but registration is needed.