Leading From Within

The Adams County Works Transition Planning team welcomed guest speaker Julie Boll, Dare to Lead certified facilitator for the lunchtime seminar, which took place on Wednesday, July 22.

In the training, Julie states, “We all have our go-to shame shields when we are faced with difficult situations.  The three shields identified in Dr. Brené Brown’s research are: moving away, moving toward, and moving against.  My go-to shield is moving away.  If I see something wrong, or if someone attacks my work, my instinct is to move away and get small.  But when I’m crystal clear on my values, I can stand in them and stay anchored in a moment of conflict.  We can all use our values to help us stay grounded in conflict and help us make decisions about our future.”

Julie Boll, M.Ed. is the founder of Julie Boll Consulting, which provides strategic planning and leadership training for nonprofits. Julie is a certified Dare to Lead Facilitator, and, in 2019, was a part of the inaugural global cohort of Leadership and Organizational Development professionals selected by thought-leader Brené Brown to facilitate her work in organizations. As a Courage Catalyst in the Dare to Lead™ program, Julie focuses her work on helping nonprofits learn the skills, practices and tools needed to support brave leaders and build more courageous cultures.

Over the course of her career, Julie has helped her clients and employers secure more than $9.4 M in competitive grants from foundation, state and federal funders. Julie has more than 18 years experience in the nonprofit sector, serving in marketing, public relations and grant development roles. She is Grant Professional Certified by the GPCI Institute and a Grants Professionals Association (GPA) Approved Trainer. Julie has taught a graduate level course in Grant Writing at Quincy University, presented at state-wide and national conferences, and recently co-authored a peer reviewed journal article in the Grant Professionals Association Journal.