Opening Up Together

GREDF, The District and Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce went out to visit our businesses to distribute Opening Up Together toolkits to the community! If you need a toolkit, please let us know.

Phase 3 is here and we want to make sure all organizations & businesses are properly prepared with signage and resources!

Adams County Together Opening Up Together Toolkit and Checklist will help your business safely open up for employees and customers. There is general and industry specific guidance from the CDC as well as national associations. Toolkit Includes information on:

Preparing your business space,
Returning to work,
Wellness screenings,
If you have a possible or confirmed case of COVID,
Communicating to employees and customers,
Planning logistics,
Health & Wellness considerations,
Tips for employees,
Tips for customers,

PLUS Don’t rebuild the wheel. Immediately print and use signage, sample press releases, social media marketing posts, sanitation guidelines and other content.


Visit: to view the resources available.

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