Tourism dollars up for Adams County area

QUINCY (WGEM) – With all the events in Quincy, you might have seen a few more people attending them. An Illinois Report states tourism contributed to economic growth in the state, and Quincy contributed to the growth.

See Quincy officials say the dollars last year for Adams County totaled $131.9 million in visitor spending.

Executive Director Holly Cain said the money generated is 17% more than the previous year. She said they continue to see the dollars flowing in as their hotel-motel tax for Tourism hit it’s $750,000 cap, which they’ll receive later to use.

“New tourism events came in through the city this year already. From basketball, to billiards, to all types of different events coming in to the city that benefited us and we’ve been able to secure those events for the next couple of years as well,” Cain said.

She said with the money they look to use expand the use of influencers, radio, TV, digital to further advertise events and what Quincy has to offer. She said they also look to promote their wine trail, the Great River Road, their free bikes, and kayaks in the spring to capture those leisure visitors.

Great River Economic Development Foundation President Kyle Moore said the hotels, restaurants, and retail all benefit from the increased tourists. The taxes collected via sales tax and hotel motel go into the city to everything from roads, to pensions, and advertising. He said to keep the momentum going they need to continue utilizing Bet on Q.

“Which has been used to bring conventions into the community, they’ve done a Quincy specific tourism campaign. I believe a hundred thousand dollars per year for the last three years. So from an economic stand point, I think it shows that when you invest in yourself it pays dividends in the future,” Moore said.

He said the look to continue to invest in the Quincy-specific tourism campaign. He said they could increase the budget for the campaign to further invest in the community. In regards to major events of next year, officials with SeeQuincy say they’ve signed a contract to have the Illinois State Pocket Billiards Championship will return for 2024 and 2025.

He said it also encourages people to consider moving to Quincy to help fill the jobs available in the area.