• Learn why Adams County and Quincy, IL are ideal for business expansion and relocation

    Expand & Relocate

    As your company evolves, its structure and strategic location may need to change. We’re here to help… whether your company has always called the Quincy – Adams County area home, or you just discovered the benefits our West Central Illinois region has to offer. Let us help guide you through the expansion and relocation process.

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    Learn More About Why Adams County Is Ideal For Expansion & Relocation:

    Workforce Development in Quincy & Adams County

    Learn about how we continue to place a high value on workforce development within our Tri-State region.

    Local and State Incentives for Quincy & Adams County, IL

    Discover how GREDF can help you put together the right financial incentive package for your business.

    Energy in the Tri-States Region

    Energy in the Tri-States is available, alternative, and affordable.  Our energy specialist is ready to assist.

    Demographics of the Quincy & Adams County Region

    Learn more about the Demographics of Quincy and Adams County, Illinois.

    Maps of the Quincy/Adams County/Tri-State Region

    View some of our favorite informative maps and GIS tools.