GREDF & Adams County Together

It’s been a crazy few weeks. What has Your GREDF Team been up to?

These past weeks, your GREDF team has been working with several partners and organizations on the Adams County Together Task-force.

As a community, we launched the Adams County Together Fund through United Way of Adams County, Inc. (Adams County, IL) to financially assist businesses, nonprofits and individuals

We met with individuals and businesses personally to navigate various relief programs. Marcel Wagner met with several members and other individuals to find the right programs for them.

We helped produced the Adams County Together “Road to Recovery Framework” to open Adams County.

We also created the Opening Up Together Toolkit with the help of our partners at Quincy Medical Group. Something for businesses to reference and adopt best practices for opening up and keeping employees and customers safe.

With our partners at Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce and The District we host weekly Q&A calls Thursdays at 10:00 AM for our members with other community leaders to keep up to date with community efforts.

Also, stay tuned for more opportunities to SHOP LOCAL and win big with Q-Town Cash.

Grateful to serve this community!
Your GREDF Team


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