June 7, 2021

On June 7, Kyle Moore will become the President of the Great River Economic Development Foundation (GREDF).   Moore will be only the third person to lead the organization since its inception in 1978.  GREDF focuses on attracting talent and retention of our workforce, retaining and growing existing businesses and attracting new businesses and industry to… More

March 10, 2021

Great River Economic Development Foundation (GREDF) board and staff to hosted a press conference to present Community Champion Awards following the quarterly GREDF board meeting. Press conference and award ceremony was held on Wednesday, March 10 at 9:00 AM in the Oakley Lindsay Center – Lindsay Room. 300 Civic Center Plaza – 2nd Floor Lindsay… More

February 18, 2021

Great River Economic Development Foundation (GREDF) board and staff to hosted a press conference announcing leadership transition planning in the coming months. The press conference was held on Thursday, February 18 at 10:30 AM in the John Wood Community College (JWCC) Presidents Conference Room, 1301 S. 48th St., Quincy, IL 62305. Marcel Wagner, GREDF president, will… More

February 4, 2021

Adopted in March 2018 by the City Council, the Quincy Next Strategic Plan provides the community with a central focus to guide our decisions and investments over the next generation. Ten core initiatives are included in the plan and represent the culmination of the planning process – the months of understanding Quincy’s present state and… More

January 20, 2021

Welcome to the GREDF Annual Meeting Presentation! We wanted to present things that happened ini 2020 and our plans for 2021. The presentation is an opportunity for partners, businesses and community members to reflect on 2020, see how GREDF enhances and pivots for our Strategic Plan and how we continue to GROW Quincy & Adams… More

January 14, 2021

Our community is gearing up to Vaccinate to Eliminate Know when you can go: Updates will be online AdamsCountyTogether.com/vaccinate Green Means Go: See highlights in green Review the chart online and when your industry is highlighted in green, you can schedule both your vaccine doses. 1. Adams County, Illinois residents 65+ are automatically in green and… More

December 16, 2020

The main and mobile rapid testing sites have been a successful endeavor. By providing free tests with results within hours, we are able to give information to residents and visitors so they can make informed decisions and immediately either isolate or quarantine if need be to slow the spread in our region. Rapid testing will… More

December 11, 2020

Adams County Works Transition Planning team in partnership with the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the next quarterly lunch workshop. Parts of our workforce is now working remotely from home, and the transition can be difficult. Watch the recorded seminar and learn how to manage working from home with a local expert, Diana Mast, Business Solution… More

November 20, 2020

Dear Friends,   Thank you for your continued support for each other during these past months. As your community partner organizations, our local business and residents remain at the heart of everything we do. At this time, COVID-19 continues to impact on our region and communities around the nation.   One way we are working… More

September 22, 2020

Great River Economic Development Foundation (GREDF), along with community partners, hosted an informational Zoom call to launch Quincy Concierge Services. The program works in conjunction with overall workforce development strategies and aims to provide another tool to attract and retain top talent by providing an ongoing community on-boarding process.   “As a transplant from Chicago,… More